Taking the snooze out of your Zoom

In this brave new world of work, online meeting platforms such as Zoom and MS Teams have really come to the rescue to make sure colleagues can keep collaborating.

But for many businesses, Zoom fatigue is setting in. Participants can struggle to engage with meetings because of the limitations of the technology. People can tend to drift off - to do the laundry, go for a run, a lunchtime nap. As a result, team working can really suffer (even if everyone’s’ laundry is whiter than white).

It’s becoming a challenge to keep collaboration between office and remote workers smooth. We think creative video content can make a big difference.

Creative video content can help to refocus your participants’ attention, prevent drop offs, and make your staff even look forward to online meetings. What an amazing thought!

Sketch House online meeting comedy content

We use comedy content to facilitate conversation in online meetings. To provoke and disrupt so that participants are instantly engaged and interested in contributing meaningfully.

Well programmed comedy can help make sure participants engage for longer periods and contribute more than they might otherwise have.

Our video not only makes the online meeting more fun, but more valuable too. Comedy is a great way of setting up talking points, getting discussion going, breaking up long meetings and helping participants to bond.

We can tailor content for your specific organisation, for the way you work and the kind of work your company does.

So how about putting some funny into your online meetings?